Adelphi Hotel Melbourne

The modern adult is often amused by memories of childhood, ruminations of candy and gumball machines. I often wondered if a place existed where one could relive this adolescent infatuation. Thankfully, a wrong turn down Flinders Lane will take you right there.

The lobby at the Adelphi is a stark contrast to the busy street it’s home too. The air is filled with the sweet smell of fairy floss and the candy-like interior is sure to tug at your teenage heartstrings. An abstract mural sets the downstairs tone, while a life-size horse and carriage wittily retunes it.

A handful of jellybeans and a short elevator ride later, we had arrived at our suite. Inside is a palate of sensations effortlessly thrown together. The room leaves you textually satisfied, from the fur throw at the end of the bed, to the liquorice-all-sorts stool or the industrial lamp. After poking my head into the parlour room, I’m left enthralled by the magnitude of the stainless steel; the room is dripping in contemporary chic.

But the finishing touches really put the cherry on the cake. On the mirror is a personalised note, signed and scripted by the Adelphi and a single macaroon is left on either side on the bed. Next to the flower arrangement is a glass jar filled with a witty selection of happy-lab candy (re-stocked every day). The bathroom amenities include a boutique selection of Apelles soaps, hair care and even some bathtub caviar. 

By 9pm we were all dressed up with no-where to go. Before stepping out the door, the tantalising aromas of world-class dessert bar Om Nom lured us back in. Indonesian Master Chef, Arnold Poernomo curated our decedent four-course dinner. Tantalising our senses with traditional flavours and contemporary execution. The dessert selection was created by renowned pastry chef Christy Tania, and is nothing short of indulgent. The theatrics associated with each dessert is truly captivating.

We knew our stay wouldn’t be complete until we took an elavator ride to the top floor. The terrace is home to the Adelphi’s famous rooftop pool, which seductively overlooks all of Melbourne’s CBD. In summer the cocktail bar is in full swing and the warm water will entice.

The Adelphi… what a hidden gem!

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