Lake House Daylesford

If I were to have a pied-à-terre anywhere my mind could wander, it would be lakeside; somewhere you could hear nature rustle through French doors. Everything would be produced locally, through generations of proud families. It would be opulent yet remarkably modest, it would be somewhere like the Lake House.

For a woman of many words all I have left is 'Je ne sais quoi' – something simply indescribable. To elucidate, this secret gem is just magic. It all began on the journey into Daylesford, the air breathed easy and the panorama was wild. The scenery followed us the whole ride to town.

Arriving a little after noon, we were introduced to Salus; who was once, the Roman goddess of health and prosperity. Fittingly, Lake House day spa was just that. Inside the alluring villa we experienced a full body relaxation massage surrounded by the musical orisons of nature.

Our luggage found its way to the villa before we, nestled alongside the crackling fire. Once inside, I see hints of belle époque amid the furnishings, drawing reference from the 'golden age' in 20th century France. Wrapped around the abode is a hardwood portico that's home to a pair of vintage bicycles, anchored with wicker baskets. I glance into the parlour room, completely enchanted by a standalone tub beneath antique chandelier. The boudoir poses a charming seclusion; only ever exposing glimpses of an open fire through thick drapes.

It wasn't until sitting down with a member of the Lake House family that my imagination was open to this sacred legacy. The story goes, that two dreamers named Allan and Alla had 'barely a bob between them' but shared a vision for an ethical eatery. Working hard in Melbourne city, the couple spent the weekends making magic at the Daylesford property, until the day it was open for business.

You can find Allan in his studio, painting the town red. His imagination runs wild on the canvas, unveiling his pieces around the retreat. You can even find an original on the porcelain dinner plates. Allan's daughter Larissa carries on the legacy, devoting her hours on the property with puppy Mishka. The strong sense of family is simply endearing.

There's nothing like the Lake House and it's breathtaking dwellings. The experience will captivate you, inspire you and most importantly feed you very, very well.

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