The Peninsula Paris

It only takes a stroll down Avenue Kléber, for you to realise this is right where you want to be; a mere moment from the Arc de Triomphe, while in walking distance to some of the most elaborate museums and luxury shopping districts in Paris. The area is also home to an array of chic Parisian eateries, and of course, to the very grand Peninsula Paris. Some spaces were just meant for incredible things, and this is one of them.

Located in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, the building is full with incredible detail and history. Two hundred indulgent rooms are housed within The Peninsula, including 86 suites. The suites are veritable showcases of French Heritage and savoir-flare; the entire space is said to have been inspired by Haute Couture. The building served as a pivotal base during World War I and II, and was where an attempted assassination on Hitler took place in the early nineties. It wasn’t until 2014 that the hotel reopened as The Peninsula Paris, following an incredibly lengthy and delicate restoration process.

First things first, after a long flight you will want to head down to the very bottom floor. It is here, where you will find The Peninsula's luxury appointed relaxation rooms and spa. The space is made up of treatment booths, private suites, two vitality pools and a 20-metre indoor lap pool. We recommend going with the obvious - The Parisian Perfection, created with a deep muscle massage and intensive facial. It will be just the thing you need to keep you glowing for the rest of your vacation.

The Peninsula is home to three restaurants, with Le Lobby greeting you at entry level. Le Lobby features elaborate architecture and design, exuding remarkable grandeur and a sense of Parisian opulence. The culinary offering is a fusion of French and international dishes, highlighting a selection of signature ingredients. Chef Poitevin is devoted to creating simple, quality gastronomies, utilising noble and seasonal ingredients. During the day Le Lobby serves a decedent afternoon-tea, offering an array of pastries and finger-sandwiches, accompanied by a bubbling glass of champagne.

If you’re wondering where you can find some of the finest Cantonese food in Paris, I welcome you to Lili; a traditional Cantonese restaurant, under management of an award-winning Hong-Kong-born chef, Ma Wing Tak. Lili is found on the same level as Le Lobby and offers a refined selection of dim sum, and sophisticated seasonal dishes. We recommend booking in advance, to secure the private chefs table, a very elaborate peaking–duck will ensue.

If you make your way up to the very top, you will find L’oiseau Blanc, the Peninsula's rooftop restaurant. L’oiseau Blanc is almost entirely encased in glass, boasting an incredible view of Le Tour Eiffel. Each day, Chef Sidney Redel hand-picks a selection of fresh and seasonal produce from the markets to help him curate the weekly menu. The glass enclosure was inspired by aviation, paying homage to Charles Nungesser and François Coil who attempted to cross the Atlantic in 1927 from Le Bourget.

You could loose yourself within the confines of The Peninsula, sipping whisky in Bar Kléber, enjoying a cigar in Le Lounge Kléber, or taking the Peninsula bicycles for a sunset ride around Paris. Each moment of your stay has been carefully curated, and graciously personalised. The Peninsula is a kind of palace away from home, where you can completely unwind and let the course of events take place around you.

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