China Diner

Steve Anastasiou and his team have successfully established a list of eclectic Chinese fusion restaurants. Joining the likes of China Doll, China Beach and China Lane is the very hip China Diner. Bondi warmly welcomed China Diner to the infamous Boheme clique, positioned between popular neighbours A Tavola and Da Orazio Pizza & Porcetta.

The execution of China Diner was flawless, which certainly acknowledges its three million dollar fit-out. The space embodies an oriental-style teahouse with an industrial edge. The walls are bound in recycled timber cladding, adorned with booth style seating and one colossal of a canteen/kitchen. Furnished with bare bulb lanterns, raw wood shelves and an elegant assortment of traditional ornaments.

The space is split down the middle allowing for a more relaxed front-of-house experience, distinguished from the elegant dining room out-back. Sandy feet are permitted and expected in both dining areas.

The menu is an intriguing combination of traditional dishes from South East Asia and China. If you are dining with a group, a selection of small dishes will certainly compliment the evening. We recommend ordering a round of Prawn and Sweetpea Har Goa Dumplings. These jam-packed morsels are insanely fresh and perfectly peppered.

If you’re the token Bondi local, you’ll likely begin with a small pickled bowl of Cantonese Red Cabbage rolled in sesames and ginger. Fermented cabbage is sure to kick start the digestion process.

However, the stand out dish is unquestionably the Rendang Curry. This pot of slow-cooked wagyu beef is Indonesian inspired, infused with coconut cream and chilli spice. Partner this, with a bowl of sticky jasmine rice and you have yourself a match made in heaven.

These guys have rewritten the rules on a standard Chinese experience, offering quality food in a contemporary and relaxed environment. Which is just what Bondi was yearning for.

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