The Last Resort, Saimaa Miller

In this digital age we are overloaded with information and recommendations about our health; and unfortunately in this age of social media we are bombarded with body-bashing journalism and crash diets advertised by those not equipped with the information to do so. So when I was faced with a time in my life where I was ready to refresh my body, I went back to basics and contacted Bondi-based holistic clinic The Last Resort.

The Last Resort opened in 2005, and what began with murmurs of scepticism would result in an endless number of clients who wholly believe their body and mind have never felt as good. The ethos at The Last Resort is that we must take ownership for our own transformation, and once we do, the tools provided within The Last Resort will be life changing. Owner Saimaa Miller is a qualified Naturopath and Holistic practitioner that believes in the power of letting go of toxic emotions through the means of detoxification. Through her own hardship she's witnessed the power of cleansing the mind and body, and wanted to share this message with the community she held so dear.

So I began a two-week exploration into my mind and self, to rid the unnecessary baggage holding me down. I followed the advanced detox outlined in Saimaa Miller's book 'The Aussie Body Diet' which breaks down the detox process, providing recipes and useful information. Here is a brief diary of my detox experience, aimed to humanize what it's all about.

Day One: Today began with a bout of excitement, I have been looking forward to turning a new leaf in my health and this seemed like the perfect time. Before I began my first consultation, I decided to take the morning easy just having a green juice from Orchard Street and replacing my morning run with a light class of Vinyassa Yoga.

Arriving at The Last Resort is a calming experience in its self. The space is aligned in perfect feng shui and lit with healing aromas. Meeting with my practitioner was the first phase of my journey. I underwent colonic therapy, which is a gentle cleansing of the large intestine done through a low-pressure pump. This treatment flushes water through the colon to remove the toxic-mucus build up, caused by undigested meat and other processed foods. These toxins have been related to fatigue, weight gain and low energy. Once my hour session had been completed it was time to relax.

The next hour was spent releasing the toxins from the outside. The treatment began with a Dry Body Brush, Clay Wrap and fully body Ayervedic Massage. The session left me rejuvenated and ready to tackle the week ahead. Following my meal plan didn't seem too tough, as I follow a diet of unprocessed wholefoods. I did however become aware of areas that needed serious improvement.

Day Two, Three and Four: I'm a big preacher of no coffee, I once worked a job that had me up at 3.30 am and in doing so I was having four double shot coffees a day! Turns out, my innocent chai tea was no less addictive. I was in agony as my body diffused its dependency with caffeine. These days brought with them awareness, making me mindful of everything I consumed. Thoughtless eating and drinking accumulates before our eyes, and the detox process reminds us of this as we follow our set meal guides. My energy levels were low, but on the rise.

Day Five: Today was a fresh day; it meant I was due for my second consultation at The Last Resort and was almost at the halfway point. I was feeling vibrant and not missing those mugs of chai tea that I once obsessed over. My energy was back and I managed to squeeze in a Vinyassa class at the local yoga studio.

My colon treatment went much smoother this time; my body was far more hydrated and had already instigated the detox process. This time, I could feel the effects more intently as my body released all it didn't need. My next treatment was an hour-long Dry Body Brush, Salt Scrub and Ayervedic Massage. My skin was left feeling smooth and free of its harsher layer.

Day Six, Seven, Eight and Nine: I definitely welcomed day seven with open arms, as this signified the halfway point. It was now that I was able to reintroduce some of the foods I had previously excluded. My digestion was back to normal after adjusting to the change of pace; and my body was ready to take on some light exercise. I took these days to focus on the diet plan, ensuring I stayed on track.

Day Ten: Today is my final appointment at The Last Resort. This colon treatment left me feeling a little queezy as my body was well and truly detoxing. We noted that after this session I was much lighter and my skin was significantly brighter than day one. My final spa treatment was an hour of Dry Body Brushing, a Clay Wrap and Ayervedic Massage. I left feeling positive about my progress and ready to take on the last stretch.

Day Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen: This phase was by far the easiest, I was happy with how far I'd come and accustomed to a lighter diet. I well and truly had all my energy back and felt as though I could have kept going a little longer. As my detox ended I managed to let go of a lot of negative emotions I'd held onto. My skin and digestive system were thriving. Letting go of all that toxic build-up we breathe in and consume everyday has made space for a regime of mindful, conscious eating.

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