Totem Road

Each time you fall into a pile of plush cushions and soft blankets what do you think about? When you curl into bed after a long day at work what crosses your mind? I'm sure its not the 39.5 million acres of world forests that are axed down every year to create your cosy sleep dwelling; or the high levels of toxic gasses that are dumped into the air and water due to unsustainable manufacturing of a bed just like yours. To be frank, who would want to think of that?

Having a peaceful night sleep can come with fulfilment, because there are businesses out there implementing sustainable practices to let us all rest a little easier. Bondi born furniture-makers Totem Road are changing the way we consume furniture. By breaking down the toxic production lines we are accustomed to, without sacrificing their signature, classic designs. Each product is created from solid and sustainable oak sourced across America and Europe, this strong wood will pass the test of time so you can let you pieces develop character for many years to come.

Totem Road believes each room is your canvas, each design is the centrepiece and everything else is what you create. A peaceful energy is intertwined into each design, as nowhere along the production line emits havoc, all the way down to the packaging. Totem Road choose to leave your packaging free of petrochemical-based materials like polystyrene due to its heavy manufacturing footprint; instead, items are wrapped in brown, biodegradable packaging this is left as minimal as possible.

Each design begins with a classic style, reworked with a modern twist. The perfect fusion of contemporary and timeless all created with heavy wooden materials that pose the strength to last a lifetime. Every product is created with heavy oak and Carrara marble. The new range of simplified marble topped tables for dining, lounge and bedside pair these two honest materials together in a timeless and simple style. Totem Road has you covered in the bedroom, dining and lounge room

At the end of this authentic production line, a donation of 5% is given to one of the nominated charities of your choice; these include Sea Shepard, Project Aware, The Rainforest Alliance, Amnesty International, The Fred Hollows Foundation or Variety Australia. So from start to finish you know you're buying furniture, just furniture. Not furniture plus several gallons of toxic emissions.

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