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How did you two start The Editorialist?

Jonny: We started documenting our escapades (Izi and I) on Instagram. Mostly lattes and avo toasts really. Which seemed to gain a few likes/follows. So it led to publishing a website (I'm also a web/app developer so it only seemed natural). With Izi's way with words and some nice photos it all tied in nicely.

Favourite place you've travelled to?

Izi: The south Island in New Zealand is the most spectacular place we've travelled. The landscapes are like nothing you've ever experienced. We stayed in a tree house on a Venison farm in Kaikora. It was pretty magic.

As Sydney/Bondi Locals, do you have any hot tips or secret spots you can share?

Izi: You'll find us at Lox Stock and Barrel for breakfast and Porch and Parlour for coffee. We are suckers for really good Thai food, but our favorite dinner spot is A Tavola – they do a killer pasta.

If The Editorialist was a song what would it be?

Jonny: Flume by Bon Iver. We listened to it in over-kill when we first met, now it's kind of stuck with us.

If The Editorialist was a destination where would it be?

Jonny: Somewhere by the ocean in Italy; however, Izi is Croatian, so we'd probably take Croatia (and that's without any sacrifice).

If The Editorialist was a food what would it be?

Izi: We both answered this simultaneously… avocado on toast.

What are your current must-have items from the latest range?

Izi: I love the brand Interval, I'm pretty obsessed with this jacket http://www.gluestore.com.au/interval-double-breasted-batwing-jacket-in-grey.html and I've been wearing my One Teaspoon white free-birds everywhere! http://www.gluestore.com.au/oneteaspoon-beauty-freebirds-jeans-in-white-denim-765879.html

Any styling tips for this season?

Jonny: I'm pretty loyal to my classics. Some staple denim (jeans and jacket), a crinkled white-collar shirt, a heavy coat and leather boots.

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